Friday, 23 September 2011

See a Supernova!

A supernova can be seen in the sky with good binoculars or a telescope.  The star blew up recently in M101, a faint galaxy in the Messier catalogue.  The supernova is named SN2011fe.  At magnitude 11, it is not bright, but compare what you see with a low power image of M101 - the supernova will be just like ‘spot the difference’.  A star chart is given to help you locate M101 and a photo to show the area to look:-

Monday, 12 September 2011

Incredible results: Starlearner student achieves highest result in all of the country!

Incredible results all round - so chuffed to report that ALL of our Starlearner Distance Learner's achieved a grade B and above! 
Not only that, special mention needs to go to Liz Walker, who completed the Starlearner distance learning course and came top in the whole country. 
Liz can be seen writing up her controlled assessment practicals in the glorious setting of Thoresby Hall - one of Warner Leisure Hotels flagship hotels, which we had booked for the day. Liz decided to use the floor so that she could lay out her mountain of notes and photographs! 
Congratulations Liz and to all of the Starlearner Distance Learning students who've worked so hard - it was totally worth it and we're very proud of all our STAR LEARNERS!