Thursday, 7 November 2013

The eclipse seen from the Ghana Planetarium

With Starlearner being global these days, we had a brilliant email from Sarah, one of our distance learners in Accra, Ghana.  Sarah is very involved at the Ghana Planetarium in Accra which was in a great location to view the eclipse at the weekend.  This is what Sarah said:-

The eclipse was fab!!  We had a very successful event at the Planetarium, lots of people, lots of media coverage and perfect weather.  The only downside was that I was so busy organising that I didn't get a chance to take any photos!!  So unfortunately I won't be able to do the eclipse for my practical work. 

You are excused Sarah!  Let the photos that her friends took tell the story.

Thank you to Stephen Adam, Steve Wilson and Jane Ashong (a director of the Planetarium) for the brilliant photos.  Another part of Sarah's email:- 

Steve Wilson was the one who brought that group of local kids from the community where his business is based (I think) - he said most of them have never even been out of their part of the city, so it was a huge adventure for them.  The driver got lost on the way but that turned out to be an added bonus because the kids got to see more of Accra!