Sunday, 18 November 2012

A sparkling meteor

Take a look at this superb image of a meteor captured as star trails were being photographed.  This is a beginner's photo!

           Picture Credit : David Leece

I have just been sent this terrific picture showing a meteor in the night sky of early November.  David is new to astrophotography!  I've adjusted the brightness as 30 second exposures were made to show the star trails over one hour and the lights from the town made the image appear as if it was in daylight.  You can see the dots in the star trails showing each separate exposure.  Not only that, you can pick out the colours of the stars too - some blue stars can be seen quite easily.  During one of the 30 second exposures, a meteor shot across the sky and has been captured heading on its way down towards the horizon.  This is one of David's early astrophotos.  I'm looking forward to seeing more!