Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Some feedback from the class of 2013

I'm really pleased with my result and I would like to thank you for all the help and support you've given me.  It was a really good experience and I now know a lot more about astronomy.
Stuart H (Aberdeenshire)   A* grade

Thank you so much for all the help you gave me over the past year and for doing the online course...  
We just wanted to say thanks too, sorry we missed you at the coursework day.  You really inspired Joel.  He is now hoping to do Astronomy at University, so we are keeping all the notes!!
Joel T (Nottingham) B grade  + comments from Julia & Peter T, Joel's mum & dad

Just got an email from the school - managed an A pass.  Happy with that and thanks for all your help - enjoyed the course and I'm sure it will stand me in good stead!
Ian G (Morpeth)   A grade

I got a good solid A, which is what I was hoping for so very happy.  Thanks for all your help and support - I found the course materials really good and it was very interesting.  It was also great to meet you in Edinburgh.
John H (Edinburgh)   A grade

I thought that the exam was really tough so I'm really chuffed to have done so well. Thanks for what was a really enjoyable experience, it's nice to have a reason to look forward to winter evenings now so I can get the telescope out again :-)
Scott L (Mid Calder)   A grade

Thanks for all your help.  It was an interesting course to follow.  You might want to perhaps consider turning you digital material into a proper published book at some point, since most of the current printed publications are not that good!  
Bob A (West Bridgford)   A* grade

Just to let you know our daughter Charlotte got her results this morning and got an A.  We are very pleased of course and look forward to using Starlearner again in the future with our two younger sons who also love astronomy.
Charlotte H (Uxbridge)   A grade

Many thanks to Liz and yourself for the help and encouragement you gave, I really was not sure I wanted to carry on with the course after my problems last year.  As a result of the course, I have been asked to teach my daughters cub group for their astronomy badge, so hopefully I may be able to inspire some of them.
Steve C (Braintree)   A grade

Thank you so much for your excellent course, it was wonderful to have an opportunity to have an extra qualification in something I really enjoyed studying.
Laura D (Alton)   A grade

Thank you for all your generous help and support.  He most certainly couldn't have got there without you!
Rupert A's mum (Cambridgeshire)   A grade

Matt and I picked up our results today.  We are both really pleased.  Many thanks to both of you for helping us through the course and for all the work you have put in to putting it together.  It has been really enjoyable and worthwhile.
Paul and Matt B (Harpenden)  A* and A grades   (Father and son team)

Never had an A* before.
Duncan T (Bramhall)  A* grade

Monday, 23 September 2013

WELL DONE! Star Learners do it again!!

Incredible results again!  100% success for our Starlearner Distance Learners.  An amazing 76% achieving A* or A grades.  All the hard work was rewarded.  We really enjoyed meeting our distance learners on our tour of the UK in April as we supervised the controlled assessment writing up days.  This year we drove up as far as Edinburgh for our record number of entries.  Already, the number entering for June 2014 will be our biggest entry yet.

Alan sent this photo in after completing his exam - it is great to know that the GCSE is just the stepping stone to really enjoying the night sky, having learnt so much more about Astronomy through the course. 

Congratulations again to all of the Starlearner Distance Learners who've worked so hard - it was totally worth it and we're very proud of all our STAR LEARNERS!  If you are reading this and wondering about having a go?  Give it a go!  The GCSE Astronomy course is superb and one to be enjoyed.