Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Super Moon - too big to miss!

Well there's nothing like a super Moon to bring everyone together worldwide with their cameras.
It was stunning to watch the perigee moon travelled 30,000km closer to Earth (356,575km away) as it's been in three years. Here's a selection of images I've found from all around the world. If somehow you missed viewing this one the next one will be almost as close on 26th October (357,052km away).
It's a stunning sight to see and these images make it look like you could reach out and touch it - if only...

Century Tower, University of Florida, Matt Stamey @ The Gainesville Sun via AP

Washington DC's Lincoln Memorial - Bill Ingalls, NASA

Fred Thornhill, Canada, Reuters

Emanuel Lopes, Lisbon

Suzanne Plunkett, London, Reuters

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