Monday, 23 May 2011

NASA image picks of the month!

Well it's been very hectic here at Starlearner but everything is going well for the students and I thought it was high time that we profiled some more of NASA's amazing imagery...

Sunset over South America taken by Expedition 25 Crew

Lightening rages near Endeavour at the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center - Bill Ingalls for NASA

A T-38 Jet, with astronauts training inside, is caught silhouetted against the sun in flight - Terry Virls for NASA

NASA Engineer Ernie Wright looks on as the first six flight ready James Webb Space Telescope's primary mirror segments are prepped before final testing.
David Higginbotham for NASA/MSFC

Endeavour is docked at the International Space Station during its 14 day mission.

The whole month of images can be viewed by clicking here

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