Monday, 17 March 2014

New e-textbook completed and online

The OCR P7 Further Physics - Studying the Universe has been completed to match the current specification.  We love the look of our latest work and already schools have been in touch to use the new resource with their students.  There are superb images from our visits to Astronomy centres around the globe.  Simulations to help explain the Physics concepts are included.  The nuclear reactions of stars are clearly presented in balanced equations matched by straightforward diagrams.  Every aspect of the course is covered and as always, Starlearner has matched our work with the exam board specification.  We are starting to renew our other OCR courses to match the current specifications and once complete we will be sending our work to OCR for their endorsement. 
Telescopes are massive - compare the size to the people.  The Subaru 8.3 metre telescope is seen with the incredible dome of the  Keck 1 10 metre telescope towering above.
(Part of our new Section 5.2 describing major astronomical observatories)

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