Monday, 16 March 2015

Be safe with the partial eclipse on Friday

I agree with what Sir Patrick Moore used to say "NEVER look directly at the Sun" - meaning even with solar eclipse glasses.  A woman went to view a Total Eclipse in Nigeria in March 2006.  She took a pair of the simple eclipse glasses that she had kept in a drawer since 1999.  When she returned to the UK having seen the amazing eclipse, one of her eyes was found to be permanently damaged.  Why?  The drawer she had kept the glasses in since 1999 had scratched one of the filters.  The scratch was less than a hairline scratch - far too small to be seen.

The most important thing with viewing the partial eclipse on Friday 20th March 2015 in the UK is to play it safe.  The very best way to observe an eclipse is to record it on a camera attached to a telescope, or to take photographs of a projected image from binoculars or a telescope.  NEVER line up the optical instruments by looking through them to the Sun.  The arrangement shows my viewing of the Venus transit in June 2004:-
More details for the day on Friday will be issued soon.

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