Thursday, 19 March 2015

Enjoy the eclipse on Friday 20th March

The large partial eclipse on Friday 20th March 2015 will be well worth viewing (check our earlier post for how to view the eclipse safely - remember, NEVER look at the Sun directly).

Spectacular - not for the majority of Britain - just great to view.  Don't expect too much from the articles as seen below from the Daily Telegraph.  Please also don't be harsh on Sarah.  Some of the comments on her article are uncalled for.  In most of mainland Britain, if you did not know the event was taking place, you would not notice anything at all.  Even with 97% of the Sun covered, there is only a small drop in brightness which you might put down to cloud covering the Sun.

As Sarah rightly says, the North of Scotland will be the best place in the UK for viewing.  Wherever you are, have everything set up by 0915, building up to the maximum from 0923 in Penzance and steadily getting later (0931 in London).  Keep viewing until 0945.  Outside these times, if you are projecting the view with a telescope, the inside of the telescope may get too hot.  Our previous post shows binoculars for viewing.  You could view the eclipse from start to finish this way.  To view the whole eclipse, have everything set up for about 0830 and view until the eclipse is over about 1030.  Times vary where you are in the UK.  On the south coast, 84% of the Sun will be eclipsed, rising up to near 98% in Northern Scotland (mainland).  If you want to view live on the internet, use the link below to see the event on the Slooh Community Observatory:-

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